FDick 10″ Dickoron DUO Diamond Sharpening Steel / Ceramic Honing Steel 79302-25


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F.Dick Dickoron Duo Knife Sharpener combines ceramic and diamond steel into perfect all-round steel.

    • Diamond sharpening steels allow high abrasion with millions of diamond grains. 
    • The smooth Ceramic particles on the ceramic steel make a Fine honing possible. 

It features two sides of diamond with a large removal and two sides of ceramic with a grain size of 1000. It is perfectly suitable for hard steel grades. 


    • Perfectly suitable for hard steel grades Combined ceramic and diamond steel into a perfect all-round steel .
    • Two diamond-coated sides and two ceramic sides.
    • Perfect finish by smoothing and straightening the edge.
    • Steel has a 10″ diamond & ceramic square rod. 
    • Light & compact (doesn’t feel like an anchor hanging from your pouch). 
    • Perfectly balanced for a steel of it’s size. 
    • Nearly 150 years worth of engineering nous has been implemented into this one steel. 
    • Ideal for the chef, hunter, butcher, farmer or anyone who needs to keep their knives sharp. 
    • Quality German made steel that won’t disappoint.

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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 3 in


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