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Friedr. Dick presents a new member of the Rapid Steel family: the functional “Magneto Steel”. This steel has been developed in cooperation with a design company. Professionals working in slaughterhouses formed, refined and tested it until it was ready to get into production.  
The simple handling is convincing: a perfect cutting edge can be received by simply drawing the knife through. Integrated magnets are guiding the knife in the sharpening unit – always using the right angle which results in a perfect cutting edge with perfect angle. Tension springs with very little wear and the approved high quality sharpening rods remain unchanged.  
This Magneto Steel POLISHING Rods HyperDrill is made for straightening and polishing, with polished sharpening rods.
This Magneto Steel SUPER FINE Rod HyperDrill is made for honing and smoothing.
New features are the protective plates made of stainless steel; they guide the knife blade safely through the sharpening unit and avoid plastic cuts falling into the meat. At the same time, they serve as a polishing unit without damaging the knife blade during the drawing movement. Recessed grips on the front side guarantee a perfect handling and safe grip – also when wearing metal mesh gloves.  
The mechanism of the device is firmly locked and therefore well protected against external causes. The Magneto Steel can be used by holding it. The Magneto Steels could also be fixed to the working station. Fixation holes are provided in the lower section of the sharpening device. Two fastening eyes in the upper section of the reaching area of the hands provide a possibility to lock the unit either with a chain or a lock. Another option would be an extension that can be fixed to the lower section of the device and which fits into the holder for the MasterSteel.


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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 3 in

POLISH Rods 9008500, SUPER FINE Rods 9008400


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