Gatco Edgemate Knife Sharpening System GTC10005


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The system contains a GATCO exclusive knife clamp/angle guide with six sharpening angles to assure factory-exact edge.

Sharpens all standard edge and serrated blade! 

Fast! Easy to use! Hang packaged. 

Made in the USA.


   • Extra Coarse – 80 grit sharpening stone

   Coarse – 120 grit sharpening stone

   Medium – 220 grit sharpening stone

   Fine – 320 grit sharpening stone

   Serrated – 350/400 grit sharpening stone

   • Extra screws for clamp.

   • 2 oz. scientifically formulated honing oil.

   • Custom composition case with instructions permanently affixed to the inside of the lid. 


Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in


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