IOXIO White Ceramic Knife Sharpener


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All IOXIO® rods are made of alumina ceramic. They combine the hardness of the whetstone with the shape of conventional sharping steel. The ceramic sharpening steel grinds knives through material abrasion on the blade.

Diamond coated sharpening rods wear out because the coating comes off during sharpening. IOXIO® Ceramic rods are not coated. Our rods are made of solid ceramic and are almost without wear. During grinding, the material abrasion from the knife is deposited on the ceramic. Our tip: Clean the ceramic rod regularly with a damp eraser sponge.

The white ceramic is sintered and therefore harder than any steel knife. It optimizes fine-tuning kitchen knives with a grain size of F1000/J3000.

Grit: F1000/J3000 for is for re-sharpening and keeping sharp.

Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 14 31/32″ × 1 3/8″ × 1 31/32″

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in


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