FDick 10″ Sharpening Steel DICK COMBI Fine Cut & Polished, 2K handle 73882-25-66

This features both fine cut and standard cut sides for regular maintenance of your knives and thanks to its slip-proof surface, is effective even when wet or greasy. Commercial quality, this Scandic sharpening steel is equipped with a – ergonomic handle with a distinct finger guard for superior control and comfort in busy kitchens. The blade measures 10″ in length and has a square shaped edge. It is also crafted with a loop for easy hanging in your commercial kitchen and meets food regulation requirements. 

  • Type: DICK COMBI 
  • Grit: Fine Cut & Polished
  • Length: 10″ long 
  • Shape: Square 
FDick 12″ Dickoron Polish Steel OVAL Hanging Ring Blue Ergonomic Handle 75503-30

A smooth cut requires a slender cutting angle. This is a the reason why the edge tends to bend easily long before being blunt from wear. This mirror finished and hard-chrome plated sharpening steel is perfectly suited to straighten the edge. High efficiently and reduced fatigue. Especially suited for butchers working on the cutting line.

  • Type: Dickoron Polish Steel
  • Length: 12″ long
  • Shape: Oval
  • Handle: Blue ergonomic handle with hanging ring


FDick 11″ Super Fine Cut Dick2000 Sharpening Steel Hanging Ring 72000-28

Using this flat design will not wear out even with heavy use. The super fine cut will hone, sharpen, polish and smooth all the way to the edges of your knives.

Measuring 11″, this blade is crafted of 2000 stainless steel. Further equipped with plastic handle, it offers a strong but comfortable grip for professional use.

  • Dick 2000 Steel
  • 11″ long
  • Fine Cut, Oval
  • Plastic handle
FDick 11″ Multi-Cut Sharpener Steel FINE CUT Groove FLAT GROOVED Ring 76504-28

The fine cut will get your knives extra-sharp and is suitable for honing and grinding the edges of your knives. Further equipped with plastic handle, it offers a strong but comfortable grip for professional use. For easy and convenient storage, it can be hung on the wall via its steel ring. 

  • Dick Multi-cut Steel 
  • 11″ long 
  • Fine Cut 
  • Grooved Oval 
  • Plastic handle

FDick 14″ Sapphire Cut Dickoron Steel 75981-35

The special sapphire cut of the classic DICKORON facilitates a velvet soft sharpening.
Thanks to reduced knife consumption, the edge retention of a perfectly ground knife is extended without roughening the edge.
This sharpening steel is perfectly combined with the DICK polish.

FDick 12″ Dickoron Titan OVAL COARSE Sharpening Steel Ultra-Hard Coating 79103-30

Everyone working with a DICKORON proves to be a professional. The DICKORON is number one worldwide among professional users. Every member of the DICKORON family is an exceptional specialist which has been developed for its particular application. Of course, all handles are made of hygienic materials. In combination with the DICKORON classic you obtain a sharp knife with a fine edge. 


  • This is a coarse steel. 
  • Stainless steel blade and fittings. 
  • Safety guard between shaft and handle. 
  • Super hard special coating, three times harder than standard. 
  • Hanging ring for easy storage. 
  • Made in Germany; lifetime warranty. 

FDick 12″ Dickoron Micro Steel SUPER FINE Cut OVAL Hanging Ring 75003-30

Extremely durable, this Dickoron Micro Steel offers a hardy surface for regular maintenance of your commercial knife collection. Measuring 12″, it features an oval design allowing for contact with its entire surface. Designed for commercial use, it offers an ergonomic design for heavy use. This includes a plastic handle with a secure grip for superior control and added comfort. It is suitable for use in restaurants or butcher shops. 

  • Length: 12″ LONG 
  • Shape: OVAL